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Closet Factory Franchise Opportunities posts

On January 13th, 2021

What’s Special About Closet Factory Franchise’s Culture?

Trusted home organization franchise has built a culture built on collaboration and communication Joining the Closet Factory home organization franchise means you’re instantly plugged into a collaborative network of like-minded owners who all share the same goals. Not only will you have the full support of one of the most visionary leadership teams in the franchise industry behind you, our entire network of franchise owners will be there to help ...

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On January 4th, 2021

Closet Factory Franchise Experiences Record Sales

Iconic home organization franchise owners are thriving as consumers continue to invest in the home 2020 was unpredictable on many levels – but a nation cooped up at home was a silver lining for the home organization industry. The money homeowners would normally spend on vacations, going out to eat, or other luxury activities was allocated to making their homes more enjoyable to be in. This is why Closet Factory, ...

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On December 15th, 2020

Closet Factory Franchise Invests in Technology and Support to Help Owners Grow

President of Closet Factory discusses technology rollouts and other factors designed to maximize profitability Closet Factory custom closet franchise is known for its collaborative and supportive culture, which was definitely a plus during the challenges of 2020. Sales, communication, and leads are all up, which points to a continued upward trajectory for the proven franchise opportunity. We recently spoke with Closet Factory President Dan Grandon about the custom closet franchise’s ...

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On December 3rd, 2020

How Virtual Design Meetings Drive Sales Increases for Closet Factory Franchise

Leading custom closet franchise uses technology to reach more customers from the safety and convenience of home Closet Factory custom closet franchise has heavily invested in technology to make the customer journey a collaborative and cohesive process. During these uncertain times, technology now helps ensure customer safety by enabling designers to use a virtual design process that utilizes our CAD software and 3D renderings to bring the final project to ...

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On November 19th, 2020

Closet Factory Franchise Experiences Record Breaking Sales

President of custom closet business explains sales are way, way up for the iconic brand Closet Factory custom closet franchise is reporting unprecedented positive growth and sales despite a challenging year. This positive upswing is expected to continue in 2021 as people invest in home improvement projects and spend more time at home. We recently spoke with Closet Factory President Dan Grandon about what’s driving the record breaking sales and ...

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On November 6th, 2020

Closet Factory Franchise Owners Improve People’s Quality of Life

Millions of Americans are learning the value of home organization Home organization is not a trend – for millions of Americans, it’s now a way of life. The outbreak of the pandemic earlier in the year has had many cooped up in their homes like never before, and many are using the money they would typically spend on vacations, dining out, and other luxuries on home improvement projects that add ...

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On October 15th, 2020

Why Closet Factory Stands Out as a Top Home Improvement Franchise to Own

Top-rated custom closet franchise is a wise choice for entrepreneurs There’s a quiet revolution happening. All ages of professionals are leaving the corporate world behind and leaping into the franchise industry where they get to be their own boss. Has the idea crossed your mind? Are the walls of your cubicle closing in? We thought so. And the good news is: You are not alone!  Since 1983, Closet Factory has ...

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On October 8th, 2020

Be Your Own Boss in a Closet Factory Franchise

Closet Factory franchise is a great fit for transitioning corporate executives  There’s a seminal moment when you realize corporate life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. That dream job scripted in the movies or the career path your professors steered you to was, well… empty of meaning and maybe… robotic. We’ve all had a moment that made us wonder, “There’s got to be more than this – surely I ...

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On September 15th, 2020

Closet Factory is Looking for a Few Good CEOs

Our franchise is growing to meet the increasing demand for home-organization systems, and no prior industry experience is required A Closet Factory home design franchise is an ideal investment in the booming home organization industry for business executives looking for their next leadership role. The drive and business knowledge that CEOs, company presidents and other C-level executives bring to the table paired with our phenomenal training ensure a win/win for ...

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On September 11th, 2020

Home Design Heating Up: Investments in Closets and Home Organization in High Demand

Closet Factory meets the growing trend of homeowners creating the stress-free, organized homes of their dreams America is obsessed with home organization as homes have transitioned from places to live and sleep to places of work and study. It’s a growing trend that bodes well for the home organization industry and one that Closet Factory President Dan Grandon doesn’t see slowing down any time soon.  “As long as this shift ...

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